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Developers and Construction Program Outreach Materials

Here is a collection of materials prepared to educate developers and the construction industry in your community about stormwater problems and solutions. You can customize many of these materials with your own logo and to reflect your local conditions. 

Developers Sediment Control Flyer

A one-page flyer you can print and distribute at your offices and public events. Click here 


Developers Sediment Control Social Media Post

Share this post about sediment and erosion control practices from Think Blue Massachusetts' Facebook page on your town's Facebook page, and measure the results! Click here 


Developers Sediment Control Press Release

A sample press release you take to your public information officer to edit and distribute. Click here


Construction Site Infographic

This infographic shows how developers can do their part at their construction sites to keep Massachusetts' waterways clean. Click here for Microsoft Word. Click here for PDF.

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