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All Audience Outreach Materials

Here is a collection of materials prepared to educate all audiences about stormwater problems and solutions. You can customize many of these materials with your own logo and to reflect your local conditions. 

Think Blue Program Overview

Think Blue Massachusetts campaign overview with guidance on what materials have been developed, how to use them, and how towns & cities can "take credit" for the materials on annual reports. Click here


Website Content

If you wish to post additional stormwater information on your town or city webpage, you can use this content as a starting point. Click here for text. Click here for images.


Stormwater 101 Poster

A full color 32" x 24" poster that you can print and display in your office and other public spaces. The poster is provided in PowerPoint format so you can easily add your logo and contact information. Click here


Stormwater 101 Video

Here's a short video suitable for your Public Access Channel and other uses. 


Event Booth & Table

For an extra fee, you can order a booth and tent suitable for use at Earth Day, Arbor Day,  county fairs, and other community events. Click here to see the items. 

For pricing and other information, contact

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